Razer introduces a smart mask to protect himself from covid-19

Razer presents its solution to protect itself from COVID-19: Project Hazel. A smart mask that offers protection and some additional Razer-style elements.

While not yet a real product, Razer shares all the details of this new concept.

A smart mask with microphone and speaker

On the sides of the mask, you will find removable and interchangeable filters. These filters regulate airflow and ventilation, allowing CO2 to be expelled and up to 95% of the particles filtered, as Razer mentions. So the user will be able to change the filters at any time, without having to change masks.

To ensure that this cycle is not affected by leaks in the mask, Razer proposes sealing the air inlet on the sides with a silicone protector. And of course, it also has a system that allows you to disinfect the entire mask. In this case, the dynamics are done through a disinfectant case that performs the process while loading the mask.

But this is not the only objective of the filters, since it looks as seen in the image, LED rings are added that gives users the option to use RGB lights to illuminate the mouth area, considering that the mask is transparent. A dynamic that is automatically implemented when it is dark.

But there's more. Inside the filters is hidden a microphone and speakers, so you will have no problem making yourself listen. So try to cover all the needs of users, while playing with the design to have a different version of conventional masks combining it with some extra elements.

At the moment, it's just a prototype, so Razer still has the challenge of having the right certifications to think about taking it to the real world.

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