"Read later", the future of chat archived on WhatsApp

There are no good times for WhatsApp. Its competition, mainly Telegram and Signal, has taken good advantage of this moment, taking over from facebook's sister app with those users who have chosen to abandon it.

Despite that, the movement continues on WhatsApp, with news that, as always, arrives quite frequently. This time, the latest movements of the app point to changes around the dynamics of archiving conversations.
WaBetaInfo, a portal specialized in tracking the new features that will implement this popular messaging app, reported news that could be seen in future WhatsApp updates. All this, according to what has been seen since the latest developing versions of the application.

New mechanism for archiving chats

Currently, archiving a chat on WhatsApp involves making it disappear from the list of recent conversations, but only temporarily, because if a new message is received from that contact or group, the chat will reappear on the initial screen, showing that there are new unread content.

The report indicates that an eventual update would replace this dynamic with a new one. It would all start with a name change in the chat file, which would be renamed "Read Later". This change would come with a more substantial one: archived chats to be counted from now on will be muted by default.

This means that when a new message is received from contact or group archived in the "read after" section, they will remain isolated in this section. You can compare this measure to a midpoint between muting a chat and blocking a contact.

Also, it should be noted that this new function would be adjustable. In configurations, you can turn on or off an option that defines whether an archived chat should return to the main inbox, upon receipt of a new message. Thus, it is up to each user to choose whether to opt for the new dynamics or if it is preferred to preserve the classic operation of this aspect of the app.

In the background, this update seeks to give you more control over those conversations that you don't want to keep, but also don't delete. Mainly, its goal is to make your user experience more comfortable, avoiding potential interruptions, as noted by WhatsApp, along with the release of this update from the developing version of your app.

As is often the case with these kinds of updates, these are preliminary announcements at the moment. The final implementation of these changes may occur in relative time margins and may differ in some details from this report.

You can review the full report in WaBetaInfo, which collects this news from WhatsApp version, released through the Google Play Beta program.

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