Regain your eyesight with the help of a synthetic cornea

Regaining sight at 78 may seem impossible, but it has not been so for a patient who will become part of the medical books.

This is the first patient to receive a new type of cornea implant created by CorNeat.

The implant has a name, is called KPro, and can be integrated directly into the wall of the eye to replace deformed corneas or scarring without donor tissue. In the case that has been recorded, the patient was able to recognize the family members immediately after surgery, as well as read the numbers in an optometric table.

Going over some basic anatomy: The cornea is the transparent layer that covers and protects the front of the eye. This layer can be damaged for several reasons, including trauma and illness.

Artificial cornea implants already exist for patients with corneal degeneration, but because surgeries are complex, they are usually the last resort. In this case, it is a much simpler procedure that can be explained with an animation:

As you can see, the device is completely transplanted into the wall of the eye. Full integration is achieved in weeks, permanently embedding the device inside the patient's eye. You may notice that the cornea is artificial, but the result is quite natural.

Now they're going to try it with ten more patients in Israel, two more this month in Canada and six more in the process of being approved in France, the United States and the Netherlands.

You can learn more and in the press release, they have published.

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