Run! Epic Games gives away Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition for a limited time

Epic Games has us used to giving away games, but they are rare titles that match the Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition. This game can be ours if you download it for free from the Epic Games store. We tell you how.

Once we download it, before the deadline, it will be ours forever. A title of complex development and that liked from start to finish. The developer company was EA, nothing to do with Ubisoft, which will be in charge of bringing back the Star Wars games.

Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition was released in mid-2019 and now we can get it for 0 euros as long as we don't get the date. The version that Epic gives us for Windows PC is the one that goes to the thread of the movie Of The Rise of Skywalker.

Epic Games give us this game, which is a re-editing of the original game that came out in 2017. The deadline to get it for free is next Thursday, January 21, 2021, at 4:59 p.m., afair week. It's the time Epic Games usually gives to the games it gives away.

Returning to Battlefront II Celebration Edition, in this game, you will find a multitude of maps, characters and modes of related games based on the film The Rise of Skywalker.

To create the original, that is, Star Wars Battlefront II required up to 3 developer studios (EA, DICE, Criterion and Motive) and the result was incredible, not only by the graphics but by the ambient music, the characters and the development of the whole story itself. It's packed with original multiplayer content and additional content that multiplies game hours.

In other words, the game epic gives away today is a mix of Battlefront II with content from the film The Rise of Skywalker. Over the past decade, Star Wars films have taken a wagon and we've seen several in no time.

So much so, that with so many time jumps, prequels and premieres of new stories, some have lost the Star Wars thread, so we set out to explain the right order to watch all the movies in the most famous saga in history.

To download Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition for free on our Windows PC, simply go to the Epic Games website, register, tap on getting, wait for it to download and start enjoying.

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