Swiss company prepares to test its hybrid electric aircraft

Switzerland is not only a leading country in cheese and chocolate making, so is technology. This is demonstrated by Manta Aircraft, a company in this country currently working on the development of a flexible electric hybrid aircraft with the capacity for efficient vertical take-off and landing operations (eVTOL), as well as short take-off and landing (STOL).

So far the construction of a one-third scale model has been achieved, which has been being prepared by the team for its first flight tests.

About its propulsion, it is supported by the presence of 4 channelled electric fans installed under the front edge of the rear wing, which can tilt upwards at the time of carrying out VTOL operations.

Besides, 4 more fans are available in the sections of the nose and tail to give balance to the aircraft at the time of making a VTOL ascent or during a flight, thus obtaining a total of 8 struts, which favour redundancy.

As far as the wings are concerned, Manta Aircraft stated that thanks to their large surface these aircraft have the ability to handle a conventional take-off in an area equivalent to 3 times the width of a helipad. Also, as a result of their conventional take-off and landing these aircraft can carry heavier loads, also using less energy over long distances.

Also, these aircraft have an all-electric battery-backed propulsion system, although Manta Aircraft plans include a gas/fuel generator that will be intended for longer-range missions. You can opt for a simple filling of the fuel tank to return to flying faster than you would be waiting for the battery charge.

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