The best devices we've seen in 2020

During this year 2020, we have analyzed dozens of mobile phones, soundbars, headphones, routers, speakers, smart assistants, security cameras, 3D printers, and vacuum cleaners... on many occasions 

Now we want to make a compilation with the best we have found ourselves in value for money.

3D Printers: We stayed with the Anet ET5, a large and silent printer that has surprised us quite a bit since the previous Anet models were much louder.

Soundbar: There are very good and very expensive ones, but this year we were surprised by the Creative STAGE V2, an impressive bar for only 100 euros that competes directly with much more expensive ones.

Mobile: A difficult decision, as we have fallen in love with the quality of the photos of the Huawei P40 Pro, but by doing without Google it becomes difficult to recommend it. In value for money,,, I would bet on the new realme, which for less than 200 euros offer amazing resources.

Robot Vacuum cleaner: In love with the high-end models of Ecovacs and Cecotec, but if you want something with surprising value for money, look at the Conga 1790.

Vertical vacuum cleaner: Dreame XR is our best bet for 2020. A cheap vacuum cleaner with strength and stamina. We've been with her for nine months with daily use and it's as good as new.

Security Camera: We have tested many manufacturers, and there is a really fantastic one. It is a relink, with a collection of diverse cameras that have quality, usability, and price. I also personally liked VACOS.

Headphones: Delighted with the Creative Outlier Air V2, although personally,,,, I end up using more new Mixcder ones (probably because I've done little to the streets this year).

Routers: I am currently testing the TP-link AX3000, with Wifi-6, and it is surprising me a lot (we haven't made a video about it yet). We are also testing the VILFO, which includes VPN inside to make browsing more private. Two jewels.

Smart Assistants: With both Echo and Google, I bet for two. In the Alexa world, I'm left with the spherical Echo (the fourth generation One) that gives us so many joys. If we go to Google, I bet on Belkin's, with spectacular sound and a built-in wireless charger. 

Smartwatches: Something good and cheap, the Saphir, although if we want to connect with Google Fit I go to the Mobvoi brand. In design,,, I am still in love with Huawei.

Smart Bracelets: It has been the year of two bracelets, the Amazfit Band 5 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Difficult to opt for one or the other, they are practically the same. Cheap, elegant, and functional.

There are many other gadgets that we have been testing, and 2021 is presented as a very promising year in Wearables. We'll keep you posted.

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