This is the new high-end electric bike of the trek domane+ family

American electric bike manufacturer Trek increases its Family of Domane+ Electric Bikes with the arrival of its third member: the Trek Domane+ HP7.

It is a high-end electric road bike that, at the out point of view, attracts attention to its novel design, modern style and symmetrical composition, with a frame made of carbon fibre through its patented OCLV technology, designed not only to offer total comfort to the users themselves when pedalling but also to hide from view all the wiring of the vehicle without losing sight that it is an electric bike.

With lightweight, high-quality materials

In the inclined tube of its frame, there is a cabin that houses its removable type battery, the PowerTube 500, designed exclusively by Bosch for this model, and that has a capacity of 500 Wh, capable of powering the Performance Speed engine, capable of generating 75 Nm of torque, also manufactured by Bosch, allowing to boost the pedalling of the bike up to 45 km/h.

For its part, the upper horizontal tube has the peculiarity of being adjustable and can be decoupled from the vertical tube of the saddle for greater flexibility in specific situations. With a battery extender, you can extend the life of the vehicle so that it can travel a longer distance, although the company has not shared the autonomy of the vehicle itself in its list of specifications.

Back with its maximum speed, this model is located in the Class 3 classification, very common in the United States, where there are not as many limitations with electric bikes as in the European market, whose maximum speed limit was set at 25 km/h.

This model also stands out for carrying an ingenious Trek IsoSpeed dual suspension system, perfectly camouflaged throughout the assembly, carrying an 11-speed Shimano transmission system, in which lightweight and quite resistant materials have been used, as well as carrying brakes also from Shimano, with RX400 flat-mount hydraulic disc and MT800 16mm locking rotors, as well as elements such as wheels, saddle, handle and handlebars manufactured by Bontrager.

The front and rear lights could not be missing, and despite everything it carries, the whole set offers a maximum weight of 16.22 kilograms and being a high-end bike, we are talking about that it is not a vehicle available for all pockets.

In this regard, it is put up for sale in the United States at the price of $9,700, which at the exchange amounts to about EUR 8,000.

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