Twitter presents a way to make money from content

On Twitter most people come in to know what's cooking in the world, to have an opinion on any topic, and many to write and share information.

Now on the platform, they have announced a great novelty for writers, experts, and curators, from individual creators to journalists, long format content curators who are a valuable part of the conversation. Twitter wants to help them grow and connect better with their audience.

To do this Twitter has acquired Revue, a service that makes it free and easy for anyone to start and publish editorial newsletters. The new service will provide all kinds of writers with a way to monetize their audience, whether through which they created in a post, their website, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Revue - An editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers. (

If someone has an audience eager for the next article, Twitter makes it easy to connect with their subscribers while help readers better discover writers and their content.

They'll be able to offer a variety of options, from allowing people to subscribe to their favorite users' newsletters on Twitter, to new settings for writers to have conversations with their subscribers.

How to make money with Twitter

And for those looking to generate revenue, they will create an incentive model through payment bulletins. That's where Revue's purchase comes in, as it will help writers increase their paid subscribers while encouraging them to produce engaging and relevant content that drives conversations on Twitter.

Now, after purchase, they are making Revue Pro features free for all accounts and will reduce the paid newsletter fee to 5%.

They will continue to invest in Revue as a stand-alone service, and their team will remain focused on improving the ways writers create their newsletters, build their audience, and pay them for their work.

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