Two free alternatives to create your own games

If you like video games, the idea of creating your own game has probably crossed your mind on more than one occasion. However, it is well known that this is not an entirely easy task, because it is not enough to have only the idea, since there are several knowledge and skills that need to be had at the technical level to be able to materialize such a project.

Gradually, however, new alternatives are emerging that provide tools that expand access to the creation of this type of material. This time, we present two free tools that allow you to create games easily and without the need to incur expenses to get started.


This is a free and open-source tool for creating mobile games, based on the web or for computers.

GDevelop you can create platform games, puzzles, strategies or other categories, either with more finished graphic details or with a more minimalist aesthetic, as in the case of 8-bit designs.

The development interface might seem somewhat overwhelming at first, given the number of tools it contains. However, from the same application claim that it is possible to start from scratch if you follow its instructions.

Develop has a gallery of featured games and an online sample of its working interface, with which you can start a blank project or work based on some of its demo projects.

This application allows you to monetize ad-supported games and export with one click the versions created for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux or the web. Also, from this platform, you can manage the distribution to other gaming sites.

Link: Gdevelop 

QuickApp Ninja

This option, free too, is much simpler than the previous one, which makes it easier to address, but also more limited in its options.

With QuickApp Ninja you can create only mobile games for Android, limited to the dynamics proposed by the same platform. Image-based guessing games, quizzes, word games and chat simulators are part of the options that can be used as the basis for creating your own game.

While you can't alter much of the operating dynamics of the creations that can be rotated from here, the design is fully customizable, from the home screen, through its menus, to some messages that appear on the screen during the game. Other than that, the content of each delivery, which is the main thing of these cases, is entirely in the hands of whoever is behind the screen at the time of its construction.

Games created with this tool can also be monetized with ads.

Link: QuickApp Ninja 

It's important to note that to publish an app to Google Play or the Apple App Store, you need a developer account, which is purchased with a subscription payment.

Despite that, which is something that does not depend directly on these development platforms, with the two solutions listed here that expense can be a deferable concern, at least until the moment when your game reaches maturity enough to be published. Before that, you can learn, rehearse and even make a mistake with a little more freedom, without the need to incur an entry investment.

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