VLC alert for serious program failure fix

During the past week the team responsible for vlc media player released a new version of it, 3.0.12, for Windows, macOS and Linux systems. This new version has several improvements, among which stands out the fact that it is the first version developed specifically for the Apple chip.

However, it is now known that this update will be more important to install due to also having a fix for a security flaw, in which malicious code could be run.

The flaw was discovered by NSFOCUS user Zhen Zhou, and when exploited it may allow third parties to run malicious code on users' operating systems, with the permissions of the currently active account.

This flaw can also be exploited through files created specifically to exploit it, which once opened in the system the victims can execute malicious code. A user can be tricked into running a file that takes advantage of the failure, without realizing that it is putting their system at risk.

The VLC team states that there is a higher probability that the reader will simply block rather than actually execute the code. But still, the possibility that it will be executed is present.

Users are therefore advised to install the latest version – which can be downloaded from the VLC website or automatically updated from the program itself.

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