What movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video so you don't take off your TV

Here are our recommendations for movies you can watch this weekend on your favorite streaming platform.

It's been January, and we've hardly noticed. The first month of 2021 has been more than intense and maybe at some point too stressful, so it's good to learn to disconnect from reality and enjoy a good movie that distracts you. This week we recommend some movies that will surely get you to be glued to the screen for a while and forget everything else.

We're living in a time when big movies don't go through movies anymore. While following the coronavirus pandemic, the rooms are almost closed and few people approach them, despite security measures. Faced with this situation, it is choosing to premiere directly on Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, and other platforms.

In the future, HBO Max will arrive in Spain to revolutionize the landscape, as is happening in other countries, but in the meantime, we also have Disney+, which every day offers more premieres for all audiences.

Fragments of a Woman - Netflix

This is the perfect movie for those looking for a story that catches you from the first few minutes and doesn't let you go during all the footage. Very well directed, with a magnificent cast and tension that does not disappear at any time, Fragments of a woman focuses on a couple who breaks down after a home birth that does not go well. A hard story full of controlled emotion for those looking for quality. Of the best premieres that have come to Netflix in recent times.

  • Title: Fragments of a Woman
  • Release year:2020
  • Running time: 128 minutes
  • Platform: Netflix

Shame - HBO

In Shame, you can find one of the best performances in Michael Fassbender's career, a film in which he puts he puts the head on the skin of a sex addict. With a very scrupulous lifestyle, this complicated character tries to manage addiction as well as his job presence and emotional stability. His sister's visit, also with social problems, forces him to modify his habits, which will not be easy. Shame is a good movie, a narrative exercise for those looking for more than just entertainment.

  • Title: Shame
  • Año de estreno: 2011
  • Duración: 99 minutes
  • Platform: HBO

Sonic, the movie - Prime Video

For those who want something less dramatic we also offer Sonic, the film, a story based on the well-known video game that was full of controversy before its release. The trailer liked fans so little that Sonic's look was reformulated to suit the well-known one in the video game. What's left? It an entertaining film that pleased some and boring others, but worth giving it a try some afternoon to find an easy hobby.

  • Title: Sonic, the Film (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Release year:2020
  • Duración: 99 minutes
  • Platform: Prime Video

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