WhatsApp reverses and delays Facebook's controversial privacy conditions by three months

Faced with an avalanche of criticism and user leakage, WhatsApp has ended the brakes. It delays the obligation to accept your new privacy policy by three months.

WhatsApp is in the eye of the hurricane. It's something its founders anticipated a few years ago when they left Facebook slanging. And they said it clearly: they were leaving (with pockets full of millions, that's right) because they didn't agree with Facebook's privacy policies. Now those policies want to impose them on all WhatsApp users.

For a few days now, WhatsApp users have started to see a new window asking them to accept a new privacy policy that shares some data with Facebook. It was mandatory to accept it before February 8, under threat of not being able to use WhatsApp or trim its functions.

These are conditions that actually do not affect us too much to members of the European Union, because here we have the most stringent privacy laws in the world, and Facebook cannot apply all those changes.

WhatsApp insists that no personal data is shared with Facebook, and conversations are encrypted. But users have already passed that stage where we believed that if personal data is not used, we are safe. You can spy on and extract personal information much more efficiently with non-personal data.

Facebook doesn't understand that a lot of people who use WhatsApp don'twant to know anything about Facebook because they started using WhatsApp before they bought it on Facebook when it was really a private app. Either Facebook doesn't understand it, or it doesn't care, that's the most likely, and that's why you want to associate WhatsApp with Facebook, especially in the realm of business accounts, as you acknowledge in your blog.

The decision has received a barrage of criticism, and the massive scarecrow of millions of users. Telegram claims it has received 25 million new users in recent days, and Signal suffers sporadic drops due to the barrage of new users.

Faced with what has come to it, Whatsapp has released a statement in which it explains that it delays the obligation to accept the new privacy conditions until May 15, although it already warns that it will not change anything: it does so to explain himself better and"fight misinformation".

It may not change anything, but it's an important gesture: it shows that users are finally starting to mobilize them because of continued attacks on our privacy, to the point that large Internet companies are forced to delay their policies.

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It's a step. Small, but one step forward towards the end of the abuse.

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