WhatsApp will now inform you from the States tab, and its first message has to do with privacy

Now WhatsApp will inform us directly from the statuses tab of all the news, to get much closer to the young audience.

Although the possibility of WhatsApp itself informing us through the status tab was already being tested on the different beta channels since today this possibility has already been deployed for all users where we will be able to know the main news of the application in a very decisive place such as the status tab.

And whether you have an Android or iOS device, right now if you enter the statuses tab you will find a verified WhatsApp user where you will be informed of all the news related to the application.

So in the statuses tab, we have verified WhatsApp user, and its first message has to do with the announcement of this feature where it basically says that now WhatsApp will appear in the statuses tab and the user will be informed by this means of all the functions and updates.

If we let the state go, they talk about their privacy commitment that remains the same despite the changes announced by the company. It clarifies that WhatsApp cannot read or listen to personal conversations since they are end-to-end encrypted.

In this way, the messaging application has a new way to communicate more directly with users, more focused on the young audience that is the one that exploits first and foremost than this status tab.

If you click on all three dots when you are running the status of the verified WhatsApp user, you can mute it in case we are not interested in receiving these types of notices again, even if you realize that unlike other states of our contacts, WhatsApp will not be able to delete it and will be there for more than 24 hours.

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