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Windows 10 has a trick to be able to customize more precisely a wide variety of elements of your computer. We explain how to achieve this and what are the most interesting variations.

Setting up your Windows computer is very simple, but to get a deeper level of customization we need to know some hidden tricks. The Microsoft operating system has PowerToys to gain greater control of the device.

To get the results offered by these "hidden" functions usually requires the hand of a professional who knows how to handle the operating system code. However, Microsoft makes these same features available to less experienced hands with the help of PowerToys.

GitHub - Microsoft/PowerToys: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity

They could be referred to more as skills than apps, as it doesn't require downloading apps to use them. You only need to download the PowerToys program to start the menu where you have each of the options and tools available.

All these functions are free and facilitate a more thorough control of the computer in addition to deeper customization that would otherwise pose a very high risk for users who do not have high computer skills.

Among the functions that we can find are these:

  • Keyboard Manager: allows you to reassign the keys on the keyboard to be more productive and assign shortcuts with the keys that we use the least.
  • Shortcut Guide: Provides customizing and expanding the list of keyboard shortcuts that appear in Windows 10. Pressing the Windows key continuously brings up the menu with the entire list of shortcuts that we already have active.
  • FancyZones: it will allow us to create combine multiple windows at once and create multiple desktops for different usage and multitasking scenarios. Place multiple windows pinned to the screen to view them at the same time.
  • Image Resizer: Imagine that you need to resize one or more images to share them, from this menu you can see all the files you have and resize them faster. Select the image(s) with the right button and select the dimensions.
  • PowerToys Run: This is a kind of quick launcher that is very similar to the run command window, but much faster. Press Alt + Space, then type the app you're looking for.
  • Video Conference Mute: Now that we resort more to video calls, by pressing Windows + N we can mute the camera and microphone, in case something sudden happens that you prefer not to share with is other participants. This saves us from searching for features in the video calling app or Windows 10 settings.

This last function is still in the experimental phase, for now, to use the Windows version 10 1903 (build 18362) or later. Here are some other features and tips you can also find in Microsoft PowerToys.

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