With the death of Adobe Flash Player to a Chinese rail network stopped working

For more than 20 hours a Chinese rail network was inoperative because its management system was powered by Adobe Flash, and they found a curious solution.

It has long been known that Adobe Flash Player would stop working with the arrival of 2021,and therefore both browsers and operating systems, and even web pages, addressed the change in time, minus a rail network in China.

Adobe Flash, that web browser add-on that has been fun but also dizzy for so many years on the Internet, said goodbye with the arrival of 2021, a positive news story to safeguard the user's security but that has also been able to affect other types of devices or infrastructures throughout the world.

But the end of Adobe Flash has also meant that citizens of the Chinese city of Dalian to the north had to suffer many hours of delay to catch their daily train, which curiously continued to work with Adobe Flash, crashing their computer system on the fateful day where their support ended, report from Apple Daily.

As Adobe Flash stops running, so do some railroads in China | Apple Daily

This caused the end of Adobe Flash, Dalian's rail network to stop for 20 hours. Interestingly, railway technicians were able to get it back up and running, but no, they didn't install another rail management system, but instead installed a pirated version of Adobe Flash to keep it running.

They also installed an earlier version of the Flash player so that it could work with the new configuration of the pirated server, thus resolving the problem after 20 hours when the trains were stationed.

It is curious, because it has already been known since 2017 that Flash was going to stop working in 2021, and virtually most actors have had time to upgrade each of its management systems, except this rail network in China.

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