Worldwide software architecture conference 2021

This January 26 and 27, the 2021 edition of the Worldwide Software Architecture Summit, the World Software Architecture Summit, will be held virtually.

Aimed primarily at data architecture professionals, software developers and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), it will be held in

Why do we delve deeper into optimizing cloud architecture?

In the words of Geek, the organizers of this event, "the art of architecture has to do with functionality, beauty and robustness". Bringing this to the field of software architecture, the new challenges in this area for this year and the periods to come focus on the efficiency of cloud-based environments, mainly in terms of their performance, sustainability, vulnerability, observability, associated costs, demanded time, required maintenance, and many other factors.

How these indicators are manifested denotes the experience and therefore the work carried out by the person responsible for the software architecture of a project. Under these criteria, in addition to assessing the results obtained, the assessment of the competencies of a professional is also set up in an increasingly competitive field. That is where the importance of lifelong learning lies.

To accompany professionals in this process, this event has more than 40 speakers from companies and organizations such as NASA, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Netflix, IBM, Oracle and several others, who are tasked with transmitting to attendees strategic knowledge to confront and master tomorrow's technology.

This World Software Architecture Summit, which projects an 18-hour schedule of technology talks, will be held under two modalities, one free and one paid.

The access released to this event includes attendance passes to only part of the talk schedule, only live and entitled to participate in some spaces dedicated to the consultation approach.

Another paid instance of participation provides a pass to advanced and exclusive talks, both live and deferred; it also grants access to consultation spaces and additionally, includes an invitation to a Slack group and the extension of certification at the end of the event.

Tickets can be obtained exceptionally at 249 dollars.

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