3 ways to make money with clubhouse

As I told you a few days ago, Clubhouse is opening the doors to many professionals who have come across a new community. Clubhouse allows you to talk, be heard, and let the audience participate actively, which can be managed to conduct discussions between multiple people, with several moderators and a large audience willing to make the most of the knowledge and experience of the participants.

Although the app has been on iOS for almost a year, the clubhouse has only started to stand out over the last few weeks, but we can already give some information related to the business model they are preparing.

But first, let's go for the two novelties that will be released in a very short time.

What's new in Clubhouse

At the moment there are only three profiles in each room, moderators, audience members who climb "on stage" and who can activate the microphone to speak, and audience members who prefer to only listen, without actively participating. Many things can be done with these three profiles, such as inviting an expert to participate in the room as well, but that expert will soon have another profile, also differentiated, such as that of the moderator, but with a color indicating that his mission within the room will be special.

On the other hand, the possibility of being able to play music without fear of copyright infringement is approaching, thanks to an integration with apple music lists, something thanks to an agreement between Clubhouse and Apple.

Earn money with Clubhouse

For those thinking about monetizing the experience, Clubhouse is preparing some interesting surprises:

– We may have clubs where you have to pay to participate.

– We may be able to pay to listen to someone in particular.

– You can make donations to specific characters.

These models are not yet defined, and although they have not been officially presented, they are already being disclosed internally in the community so that we can get an idea of what awaits us in the future.

Logically, in addition to these important points defined within the platform itself, nothing prevents parallel businesses, such as inviting a professional to talk about a specific topic in our room and paying them for their participation, or conducting free consultancies and allowing us to contract later for something more personalized.

What is clear is that there may be a before and after importance for many professionals who are used to transmitting using only their voice.

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