Alice camera: a DSLR camera that is used integrated into the mobile

Although cameras built into smartphones have almost completely shifted the use of compact digital cameras, there are times when the option built into those devices is not enough.

Just as there are audiovisual initiatives that are raised only thanks to the use of mobile phones, there are more ambitious ones at the photographic level, which use the use of a professional camera and all the goodness that this entails.

For example, the ability to change lenses depending on the scene being captured and the option to manually manipulate the lens, to make use of its optical zoom or manual focus, are elements that are part of the experience that is usually lost when recording moments with a mobile.

With the idea of combining the best of these two worlds: the convenience of a smartphone and the power of a DSLR camera, the Alice Camera was designed, a prototype that triumphed in its crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo, surpassing by more than 400% its funding goal at the time of publication of this note

Alice Camera: An AI Camera for Content Creators | Indiegogo

A DSLR camera that attaches to the mobile

The Alice Camera was conceived with content creators in mind. Whether for capturing photos or recording videos, this device adds the advantage of being able to access these files directly from the mobile once registered, to edit them immediately, or publish them if necessary. Also, when operating as one more camera on your phone, it can be used in live streams or video calls.

This camera is capable of recording 4K video thanks to a Sony IMX294 sensor, similar to those found on professional cameras such as the Panasonic GH5S and Black Magic Pocket.

The interchangeable lenses of this camera use the Micro Four Thirds mount, widely used by Olympus and Panasonic copies. The Alice Camera is capable of supporting autofocus, aperture adjustment, and lens stabilization functions on all lenses that support these functions. If you want to use lenses from other cameras, such as Nikon or Canon, to name a few, you can use them next to a mount adapter, but in most cases, sacrificing the additional functions of the lens (focus, stabilization, and aperture) that can be controlled from the camera.

Alice Camera works as a mobile accessory, similar to a case that fits almost any phone. To manage it, it is necessary to have an app that is free and open-source, so it is presumed that custom versions of it could come out later.

Outside of the material advantages of using photographic accessories of this size and the possibilities that open up when accessing certain manual settings, at the system level, this camera has an AI technology capable of adjusting focus, exposure, color, night shots, object tracking, stabilization and scene recognition, so that you only take care of getting a good frame to record your moments.

Alice Camera: An AI Camera for Content Creators | Indiegogo

You can learn more about this camera in its crowdfunding campaign, which still pre-orders the first copies of this interesting prototype.

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