Be very careful if you receive this so-called email from the Tax Agency

The National Cybersecurity Institute reports a new campaign to send fraudulent emails that impersonate the Tax Agency, and we help you identify it.

While the Income Statement 2021 campaign will begin on April 7, if you are a company or freelancer you will also have to make different quarterly returns, and the latest malware campaign is being passed through the Tax Agency to try to get us to download a malicious file that hijacks personal data.

From INCIBE, the National Cybersecurity Institute, they warn that a campaign to send fraudulent emails that impersonate the Tax Agency to spread malware has been detected, the same campaign that has previously been used by cybercriminals.

Si has recibido un supuesto correo de la Agencia Tributaria, ¡cuidado!, puede contener malware | INCIBE

In this campaign, the malicious mail has as its subject the phrase "tax receipt" followed by "id 81690024" and in the body of the message the user is communicated that they must download a PDF file indicating that it is a tax receipt. It is not really a PDF, but a link that redirects the user to an external web page where the malware will be downloaded to the computer.

What cybercriminals intend with this attack is to distribute malware identified as Trojan-Downloader or Dropper, which in turn will download other malware that would be the cause of stealing sensitive information from our computer. However, once they take control of our computer, the cybercriminal could perform other malicious actions such as stealing our data or even infecting other computers connected to the same network.

These types of attacks are known as email spoofing which tries to make the victim believe that the sender of the mail is the Tax Agency, when in fact it is not. Identifying that it is a fraudulent campaign is very simple since the body of the message is full of grammatical and spelling errors, also, the sender says that it is the "Tax Administration", a body that does not exist in Spain.

You should also be aware that all tax movements must be made through the Electronic Headquarters of Social Security, or by prior notice by registered letter. The Tax Agency may contact you through a telematics notification, accessible through the electronic headquarters.

If you have fallen into the trap, you only have to trust that the browser itself has stopped downloading the malicious file, or that your device's antivirus has removed it.

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