Facebook launches tiktok-style rapper app

Facebook NPE Team launched a new application with a dynamic similar to TikTok, but with a particularity.

BARS is the name that this app that combines a series of functions to create and share rap in a simple and fun way.

New TikTok-style Facebook app

This new proposal from the Facebook team is designed for rappers looking for a simple tool to create their music and share it in videos.

‎BARS - Rapper's Delight on the App Store (apple.com)

If you take a look at the images of the app you will see that it has an interface similar to TikTok... vertical videos with the same distribution of the main options. The idea is for users to find everything they need in the app to post their rap videos, from song composition to 60-second video publishing.

So you'll find a collection of hundreds of beats to include in the video, audio filters, and vocal effects to add a special touch to the mix. On the other hand, if the user is not inspired at the moment he will find some aids in the application.

One of them is the one within the "Challenge Mode" where 8 words are offered as a suggestion randomly. So in this freestyle, the user can choose the words that inspire him to compose the rap letter following a defined structure. And another extra that the app provides is that it suggests rhymes as the user writes the lyrics.

To make it easy for users to access the functions they need for their creation, depending on their experience level, the app allows you to indicate whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced. And to make the production of the mini video look professional, you can also add some visual filters.

So this app becomes a combination of tools with some professional features for those who want to create or experiment with rap. And once they finish the video they can save it to the mobile gallery or share it on different social platforms. You can see some examples of these videos on Instagram.

BARS (@getbarsapp) • Instagram photos and videos

At the moment, this iOS app is only available to a limited group of users in the US. But they hope to extend it to more people in the future.

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