Facebook temporarily blocked in myanmar

Myanmar's army ordered Facebook and the entire ecosystem of its services to be blocked. It won't be a permanent blockade, but it will continue until next Sunday.

Following this order, telecom operators blocked access to Facebook to the entire population of Myanmar, also affecting Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Facebook services are restricted in Myanmar

If the order is fulfilled until the end, Facebook will be blocked until midnight on February 7. As TC mentions, the Myanmar army issues this order on the basis of a legal section that allows telecommunications to take certain measures for the state and population.

Myanmar military government orders telecom networks to temporarily block Facebook | TechCrunch

Following this line, they argue that Facebook is contributing to the country's instability, as people who cause unrest are using this social network to spread fake news and cause confusion, as mentioned in the letter from the Ministry of Myanmar.

Both Reddit and Twitter can be read to users by reporting this block, as well as a series of data on this measure. For example, NetBlocks, which has tracked in real-time, mentions on your Twitter account that this block started with one of Myanmar's largest (state-owned) telecom operators, but then the restriction on Facebook services was also implemented across multiple internet providers.

Tweet / Twitter

Nearly half of the population reportedly uses Facebook, (more than 22 million users, as Access Now mentions)and have used it to call protests against the current situation in Myanmar. On the other hand, a Facebook spokesperson has also spoken out that they are aware of the situation in Myanmar:

We are aware that access to Facebook is currently interrupted for some people. We urge the authorities to restore connectivity so that people in Myanmar can communicate with their family and friends and access important information

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