Google meet lets you check your team's settings before joining a meeting

One of the fears that we usually have when we enter a video call is if the camera or microphone works well, or we will have to waste time during the meeting in trying to fix a bad configuration. To solve this, Google Meet proposes you access a small test.

So you can test the quality of the video before starting a video call

You enter a video call meeting and discover that your internet connection is unstable, the video is not working well, or the microphone is not working. Not only is it an awkward time, but it can also distract the other participants or delay the meeting.

To save us these bad times, Google Meet allows us to test all the components we'll need for our video call. You only need to choose the "Check your audio and video" option before entering the video call so that Meet allows us to quickly check different aspects.

Google Workspace Updates: Check your video and peripheral device quality before joining a Google Meet call (

For example, the status of the microphone, if there are audio problems, the quality of the video, among other details. As we see in the image, it will allow you to check the elements that you will be using of all the peripherals configured on your computer. Just choose the options you'll enable for video calling and you're done.

Google Meet will take you to another window where you'll find a small clip to check the video and audio, along with a checklist of all the components. If there's a problem with your internet or peripherals, Meet will alert you and offer you several suggestions.

That way, you'll have time to fix any issues or adjust your settings so you don't have problems during the meeting. And of course, you can repeat this test as many times as you want.

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