Google will no longer develop its own games for stadia

The Google team announced that it will close Stadia Games and Entertainment, its studio for the development of exclusive games for the platform.

This is part of the new strategy that Google will implement in Stadia in 2021. We'll tell you the details.

Google will no longer develop its exclusive games for Stadia

From the beginning, Google bet on developing its own games for Stadia with the creation of Stadia Games and Entertainment. However, it is changing strategy.

The focus for Stadia this year is to help game developers and partners harness the potential and tools offered by the platform:

Given our focus on developing Stadia's proven technology, as well as deepening our business partnerships, we have decided that we will no longer invest in bringing exclusive content from our SG&E in-house development team


Yes, from now on, games added to Stadia will be third-party titles, there will no longer be any content of its own. A strategy that has as its main objective that the platform is sustainable in the long term. Not only because of its new collaborations with business partners, but it will also save the long and costly process of developing video games from scratch.

Focusing on Stadia’s future as a platform, and winding down SG&E (

As for the team that made up Stadia Games and Entertainment, most will go on to work on other projects. And others have left Google, just like Jade Raymond. On the other hand, they mention that they will continue to bet and invest exclusively in Stadia as a video game platform to continue offering the best gaming experience to users.

And as part of this step, as mentioned in the release, they will invest in their trading partners to launch their games on the platform, although they have not mentioned their exclusive titles. And of course, users will continue to have the catalog of games they already know about Stadia. You may still see some game additions that belong to SG&E, as those you had planned in the short term will end.

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