Google would be considering an anti-tracking tool for android

Google appears to have been inspired by Apple and its privacy-focused initiative.

As reported, Google would be developing an anti-tracking tool that would give Android users a plus of privacy.

As mentioned in Bloomberg, the Google team would be developing an alternative to the system apple adopted to protect users' privacy. This would mean that you will focus on a tool that limits the tracking and collection of app data in the Android ecosystem.

Google Explores Alternative to Apple’s New Anti-Tracking Feature - Bloomberg

Google may try to balance the demand of users who request more options that protect their privacy with the demands of advertisers and app developers. So this initiative could arise from a more flexible perspective than the system implemented by Apple on iOS 14 with its anti-tracking feature.

Yes, an alternative that doesn't leave Google without the support of advertisers, but that reduces tracking and collecting user data. This was let known by a Google spokesperson who mentioned that he is always working with developers to find this balance and have a "healthy and ad-supported app ecosystem."

Let's remember that Apple's anti-tracking feature has caused a stir. For example, Facebook has been one of those who has complained about this new Apple policy, as it directly affects its advertising system and what it can offer its advertisers.

Apple's system leaves all responsibility to the user for the data they want to share, as it forces all apps to ask for consent to collect a series of data and track their activity. It doesn't look like Google is going to adopt this same model, although there are still no official details about this privacy-based initiative for Android, which is still in its early stages.

This system could take a long time to develop, or it may never be implemented.

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