Harmony os, Huawei answers our questions

Today we have participated in a Huawei event where they have explained their objectives for 2021, as well as commented in detail on everything they achieved in 2020.

In addition to clearing up many of the questions related to the development of hardware and software, they have also answered the doubts that the different means of technology we had about Harmony OS, about what Huawei has answered:

Built on Huawei's distributed technology, HarmonyOS is a completely new operating system uniquely designed around the innovative needs of a future in which the various IoT devices are massively interconnected. It can be deployed on-demand on a wide variety of devices and flexibly adapted to different resources at both the hardware level and the application requirements level.

While ensuring strict compliance with all applicable open source standards, HarmonyOS leverages a large number of third-party open-source resources, including Linux, to accelerate the development of a comprehensive architecture.

Although some EMUI 11 UI elements are maintained in the current beta phase for developers, HarmonyOS will be released with a new user interface along with upcoming Huawei smartphones. The beta developer program is still underway and we appreciate any feedback from developers and partners working with us to realize our vision of all scenarios.

Other questions asked, along with their answers, have been:

When can we view HarmonyOS on mobile devices in Spain?

We still can't confirm when HarmonyOS devices will be available in the UK. Right now, as everyone knows, we are working in this direction to achieve, as an end product, the best user experience and the best offer in terms of applications and ecosystem. For this reason, we still can't confirm when we'll have HarmonyOS devices in the UK.

Do you think the Biden administration will finally solve problems with the United States?

We are actually a technology development company. We do not make political evaluations, we do not use hypotheses of political evolution for our work. We have established a strategy and stay within that strategy, that is, we have thought about developing an ecosystem and we are working hard to achieve it, and whether the situation with the US changes or not, for us it is not a variable that makes us change our strategy; our approach.

What does Huawei expect from 2021? Forecasts of new launches, sales, physical store openings, etc.? New services insight? When does  HarmonyOS work on all devices in the house? How has it affected the company not being able to have Google services? Has that impacted sales?

This has definitely been a very demanding and challenging year, not only for Huawei but for most companies. We are currently still in a global pandemic situation, but Huawei will continue to present and launch new products, different product lines, to the Spanish market. Also, we will continue to improve the experience of our users, that is, we will improve our online stores and our personal physical stores.

We've seen how, since Huawei, a lot of work is being done to implement apps that we all "yearn for" in the mobile environment. However, and to make the ecosystem more accessible to newer (or lazy) users, some methods to facilitate the transition from Google/iOS services to Huawei services such as dumping browser data, Whatsapp chats, etc. to Huawei's new terminal?

Today we have PhoneClone, which is one of the tools that we have to be able to transfer the data from any Android or iOS device to any Huawei device, including applications, contacts, or any type of data. Also, we can synchronize data via HUAWEI Cloud from another device using HUAWEI ID.

HarmonyOS date on a consumer device? In Europe?

As we mentioned, we still can't confirm, nor do we have an exact date, about when we'll be able to enjoy HarmonyOS. Being able to get the best user experience and ecosystem on HarmonyOS, both on smartphones and tablets, is very complicated. Based on this hard effort, we hope to be able to communicate the arrival of HarmonyOS to our smartphones and tablets very soon.

The Maps app, do you have route modification based on traffic?

Petal Maps will allow you to modify the route during navigation based on real-time traffic information in the first half of 2021.

Insisting on concern for the environment of the presentation... has Huawei thought about selling its future mobiles without a charger as other brands have done?

Today, with all the information we have, we are still studying these kinds of scenarios, so we haven't made any decisions about it yet. In this sense, our entire team, as well as R&D and Project Manager are working hard to be able to offer the best device and the best time for users, while working to help and respect the environment.

This year there is a real intention on Huawei's part to launch a folding phone at a competitive price so that people can start to see what this innovation entails?

We are working on this to offer, as we have mentioned, the best user experience in terms of devices, including foldable ones, and not only at the operating system or application level, to try to offer not only the best user experience but also the best price. We have no information on when it will happen, but we can say that we are working on it.

Will there ever be a leap into urban mobility by Huawei? (electric scooters, bicycles, etc.)

It's a good question because, as we've mentioned several times, we're working with several partners to create this ecosystem. In this context, it is possible, although we do not have this information yet, that we may see in the future such devices within our ecosystem. As we discussed, part of our strategy focuses not only on Huawei, or what Huawei is capable of but also on what we can do or create with partners who want to work with us.

In the gaming field, and following in the field of telephony/tablets, is Microsoft GamePass in Huawei's spotlight?

We are currently open to working with any partner that deems it appropriate

How will wearables integrate into the future ecosystem?

Since May 2019 Huawei has been strategically developing its own ecosystem of both software and product to achieve a complete hardware ecosystem where everything is integrated and connected.

We continue to work on the development of an ecosystem in which we integrate different products, starting from smartphones, and reaching other segments such as audio, wearables, PC's, tablets, routers... that is, we are generating a fully integrated technology constituting a natural ecosystem that we call 1+8+N where the potential of each of the devices is increased when all are connected and integrated. That's why the point we're at now is getting more and continuing to develop and value the complete connected ecosystem we're building.

Do you want HarmonyOSto to be a global operating system alternative for all types of hardware?... Will we see HarmonyOS on computers, phones, smart home products, or is the idea more specific?

HarmonyOS architecture allows it to be cross-cutting to any device, whether from Huawei or any other manufacturer who wants to join the Harmony OS Ecosystem

The strategy is still 1+8+N and the 1 is the smartphone. How do you approach the future of mobile manufacturing without ARM architecture? Will you be able to recover in any way the manufacture of the Kirin, which has allowed Huawei to create different and more powerful mobiles?

We are currently working on solutions that will allow us to continue in the smartphone business and that we will publicize as soon as they are available to be released to the market.

Will we see these systems on devices other than Huawei?

HarmonyOS will be made open source to cover a wider range of devices shortly.

Are there plans to lead a contactless payment experience and Celia assistant for Huawei Watches in 2021?

From Huawei, we continue to work with banks to offer mobile payment services shortly. Regarding Celia, Huawei intends to introduce her into our Ecosystem.

Do you know if they already have a date for the P50 submission?

At Huawei, we are constantly working to deliver the best technology and user experience. In this sense, we continue to make progress in the development of new devices that will be released throughout this year. As soon as possible, we will share information regarding the corresponding presentations and releases that will take place throughout this year 2021.

After a year at HMS, what is the message that the points of sale convey to you? Regarding the feedback, they receive from "non-techies" customers and sales of new Huawei products.

As we said during the presentation, the response is being positive and HMS has shown very hopeful figures in the last year, closing 2020 with 700 million users globally and 90 million in Europe alone, an increase of almost 33%.

This data also reflects not only the rise of a community enjoying HMS devices but also the company's effort and investment in innovation and development in Huawei's own applications and services, such as AppGallery or Petal Search. Our official application distribution platform already has more than 530 million users and 384 billion downloads that have resulted in annual growth of 83%, especially relevant if we take into account that this amount is also due to the incorporation of users and downloads outside China. Something similar to what happens with our mobile search engine, which is just 6 months of life has experienced an exponential rise, ending 2020 with 3.4 million users in Europe.

In short, feedback is being positive and the numbers hopeful, but we still need to continue profiling and developing our own services and applications to ensure that HMS users see all their needs met.

Given the growth of Huawei's device ecosystem and HarmonyOS implementation, is there any intention to deploy it to vehicles like Android Auto or Apple Carplay?

The implementation of the Huawei Operating System in cars is something that has already occurred in China, but we still cannot know when it could be implemented in Europe.

You've given growth data in Europe. I would like you to give me from Spain especially with regard to 2020 and 2021 forecasts. I think you've lowered mobile sales to fourth place when you plan to regain leadership with all these advances

Our expectations are primarily to continue to offer solutions, with the Ecosystem that we have already launched and are constantly evolving, that allow us to continue to innovate in fields in which we are already pioneers, as well as in new ones and, therefore, have a position in the market as a trusted provider and that has its users as its main value.

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