How to buy dogecoin and listen to Elon musk

DogeCoin was born almost as a joke but is getting a lot of attention over the past few weeks since Elon Musk mentions it on his Twitter account.

With a meme as a logo, Dogecoin is now several years old, born in late 2013 to a former IBM engineer, Billy Markus, who received help from Jackson Palmer, a marketing professional at Adobe Systems.

Markus programmed Dogecoin's portfolio and within days 6% of all 100 million DOGEs had already been mined. It rose in value by 300% in a few days, but it never ceased to be a shadow of Bitcoin and other industry giants.

It has not always been going up, in December 2014 it fell by 80%, and the same month there was a great theft of Dogecoins in a hacker attack (all shipments reached a static address).

Dogecoin is based on Litecoin

But keep an eye out, because Dogecoin wasn't made from scratch, it's based on Litecoin, and specialized equipment cannot be used for Bitcoin mining.

Litecoin is an open-source software project, and it is very technically similar talking to Bitcoin.

Dogecoin is not a joke

The thing is that although it all started as a joke, as proof of concept, there are currently thousands of communities dedicated to it, and it appears on important portals specialized in the sector, as in Cryptoradar, which we talked about a few hours ago.

Elon Musk has been joking about the subject on several occasions, and his latest tweets have caused interest in the coin to soar.

Gráfico del precio del Dogecoin -

How to buy Dogecoin

If you want to buy Dogecoin now that the price is very low, and prevent it from happening as it happened in the past when bitcoin was worth less than a dollar and many people became millionaires betting on the subject, several portals can help with the subject.

1 – Search for portals that offer the possibility to buy Dogecoin. To do this click on the crypto select the "buy" and "Dogecoin" option on the right.

2 – Filter by your preferences, such as viewing it in Spanish, accepting withdrawal, and being easy to use by beginners, for example.

3 – Select the portal that suits the search result. It is important to read the reviews and verify that they accept the appropriate means of payment. Each portal has a different system, but all of them are based on the same thing: create an account, set the amount of dogecoin that we want to buy and that's it. It is important to take into account the importance of keeping the created wallet access information secure, as in this case there are no "forgot my password send it to me by email" links. In fact, many millions have been lost worldwide by people who do not find their password to access their bitcoins.

To choose the best Wallet you can also consult the information published in any indirect.EU, where they comment on the pros and cons of each wallet and a list depending on the type desired. From there it is also possible to make the purchase using this link

¿Cuál es la mejor Dogecoin wallet? | Anycoin Direct

If you want to save the Dogecoins in an online option you will have to use a different solution than if you want to save it to a hard drive on your computer. In the list of any indirect recommend the use of for the online solution, very basic, since it allows to receive and send Dogecoin, but little else.

Dogechain - The official dogecoin blockchain explorer!

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