How to fix a slow internet connection

If your Internet connection is slow or stable, there could be several factors involved. If you don't know where to start investigating the source of the problem, here are some guides.

Apply a speed test

The most practical and simple verification mechanism. Through tools of this type, you can check how many Mbps of speed the data is uploaded and downloaded over your Internet connection.

For such a test, there are many options. It shows that are some mobile applications that collaborate with this task or portals like  that offer the same solution accessible from a browser.

If your connection speed is lower than the plan contracted with your network operator, that same company should tell you if that anomaly corresponds to the service itself or any condition of your configuration.

Check router location and settings

In one of the videos on our YouTube channel, we share some tips for optimizing the use of a Wi-Fi router. In short, it is important to check the location of the router in your home, consider the presence of metal elements or other signal-emitting devices that could obstruct the signal, check the power of the router from the settings and enhance, if necessary, the signal with amplifiers.

Check wiring quality

Whether it's a wired Internet connection, directly connected to your computer, or even a Wi-Fi wireless network, cabling plays a critical role.

Except for routers powered by a mobile network, classic home routers fire the signal they initially receive from a cable that connects to that classic RJ-45terminal.

If a cable is damaged or browned, it could logically lead to instability with the connection. However, there is also the eventual case of having an apparently healthy but old cable, unable to support large data streams.

Track connected devices

Each router, depending on its technical capabilities, supports a maximum quota of connected devices. It usually doesn't exceed the daily average, but it's still worth being aware of. If your router is provided by your network operator, they can provide you with this data. However, if you got it on your own, its technical specifications should be detailed.

There are mobile apps that allow you to monitor and identify the devices connected to your network, as an add-on to your router's admin panel, which should also provide this data. In the latter place, you can eject from your network any intruder device and by the way, change the password if necessary.

If you're using VPN, check their limits

If you connect to the Internet via a Virtual Private Network or VPN, your data flow will circulate through this channel, as a bypass. Therefore, the traffic and its speed will depend on the goodness of the service used.

A free VPN typically has significant speed restrictions, as the business of these services is based on the sale of payment plans, which, in addition to offering faster, also provide more stability.

Analyze the speed of a slow website

In these cases, the solution is not up to you as a visitor to a portal. If only one or certain sites load more slowly, it could be due to a point-in-time condition of your code, your cache configuration, or the power of your hosting servers.

Previously, we shared a selection of platforms to measure the speed of a website. Using any of those tools, you'll be able to check if a site's load is slow from the source.

Although speeding up a site as a visitor is not so easy to do, given the conditions mentioned above, in any case, certain browsers, especially for mobile, offer a low-bandwidth mode or a fast mode, which has reduced versions of these sites.

Scans the presence of malware

Along with the other possibilities listed, there will also always be the possibility that your connection problems radiate directly on your device.

Not all malware is visibly destructive, as it tends to refer to computer viruses. Currently, the presence of applications that mine cryptocurrencies in secret or that present ads in a forced and invasive way, among other examples, is common.

Through the classic antivirus software, the one of your choice (provided it is one with a good reputation), it is possible to track and eliminate most of these threats.

As you can see, many variables could influence the instability or low speed of your Internet connection. This list contains the most common situations, but other types of anomalies could also occur, which if you do not master your solution correctly, it is advisable to deal with technical assistance.

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