How to improve your experience working on Windows 10 with PowerToys

If you've tested PowerToys, you may be missing the opportunity to improve your Windows 10 experience.

Among the products offered by Microsoft are some that are little known to the general user. PowerToys is an example of all this and can improve the use of the operating system on any computer in a very simple way and that will surely be of great interest to anyone working with Windows 10.

As Microsoft states on the official PowerToys website, this is an "aset of utilities for advanced users to improve and optimize their Windows 10 experience to increase productivity." The description is very clear and uses the word productivity for something, as they allow an improvement of use that enhances speed and shortcuts.

Once you've installed PowerToys on your computer, you'll discover several options at your fingertips. Although the first thing you should know is that you can do it for free through this page.

Change Windows 10 colors

Almost all of PowerToys' operation focuses on changes in Windows design and view to make it accessible and consistent with what the user may need. For example, you can select the colors to use in the operating system with the Windows+Shift+C key combination in any application.


PowerToys also allows you to add a new preview in the same File Explorer with different types of documents. As simple as entering View and select Preview Pane, as shown in this image.

Window design

Using the FancyZones application that integrates into this feature pack, you can modify the size and layout of the different Windows windows to make them as comfortable as possible. This is a process with multiple options, as Microsoft shows, but it can be very useful for those working with Windows 10.

Resize images on the go

Among the different options that can be made with PowerToys is also the option to resize the images in the same File Explorer: with a simple mouse click on the images. The aspect is of great help to many professionals and that avoids those seconds that usually takes any image editing program to load.

Reassign keys

Changing and customizing the keys is also extremely simple with this tool. You can add functions or characters that are not usually integrated, such as a long hyphen or Latin quotation marks. I'm sure you know what we're talking about.

And a thousand tricks and functions at your fingertips

Running PowerToys is very easy. Once you have installed it, simply press Alt+Space to access the different options you have. From there you can spend hours discovering functions and tricks that you will have at your fingertips and new ones that are constantly added. Although if you want something concrete, you're sure to access the PowerToys tool that works best for you.

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