Hyundai ended its partnership with Apple to develop an electric car

For several years ago, a rumor has been circulating Apple and an eventual electric vehicle that would carry the apple mark.

A few weeks ago, Hyundai appeared strongly as an eventual Apple partner in this project. However, the automaker recently noted that it is no longer in talks with Apple for the development of a future vehicle.

Apple and Hyundai alliance didn't come to fruition

Exactly before the Korean press, Hyundai said that it "has received requests to co-develop autonomous electric vehicles from multiple companies, but they were in the early stages and nothing was finalized." These statements were accompanied by an explicit mention of Apple, adding that "it is not in talks with Apple about the development of a self-driving vehicle."

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Hankyung, a South Korean media outlet, said the failed collaboration between Apple and Hyundai had electric car manufacturing and battery development in its folder. The goal of this business alliance was to launch his car in 2027, according to the press release.

[단독] 애플카, 현대차와 공동 개발한다…2027년 출시 : 네이버 뉴스 (

This news took hold when media like Bloomberg, beginning last weekend, noted that Apple decided to suspend its last-time talks with Hyundai and other similar automakers, such as Kia. Both companies are part of the same parent company, which as a whole brings to life the fifth largest manufacturer of the automotive field. The two companies, plus some other small ones involved, such as Hyundai Mobis, issued separate releases to account for the closure of this stage with Apple.

Apple Talks With Hyundai, Kia on Electric Car Paused Recently - Bloomberg

Uncertain future for the "Apple Car"

The eyes began to be on this alliance over the past month, at which point Hyundai confirmed that he was in talks with Apple to develop an electric car.

Although the "Apple Car" brand officially does not exist, it is that label that is commonly addressed about this initiative. The concreteness of the objectives of this alliance, if achieved, would have been an important impetus for Cupertino's company in an area not yet explored by them.

At the moment, unlike Hyundai and its subsidiaries, Apple has not issued official statements on the subject, so it is not yet known what their next steps will be to penetrate a market that today has Tesla and General Motors as preferred agents as benchmark suppliers when it comes to electric cars.

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