Japanese toilets with holographic buttons

You've probably already seen in movies, or real life, how some toilets in Japan have much more sophisticated technology than those in other countries.

Several buttons on the side are responsible for controlling the flow of water used to clean, leaving toilet paper as something very "Western".

The thing is that now the theme will be even more sophisticated, and hygienic, with holographic buttons, so that you don't have to touch any surfaces, something that is being very crushed during this pandemic.

The toilets manufactured by the Japanese company Murakami Corporation will be reinvented thanks to a partnership with Parity Innovations to create a holographic panel that floats in the air. By using infrared sensors to detect finger movement, you can guess which buttons users are trying to press and activate the function accordingly.

It's not something new, we've already seen this technology on keyboards, but so far you can't enjoy affordable products in the traditional market.

Not only is it limited to toilets, but this technology could also be applied to ATMs, elevators, and any other public place where many people press the same button.

At the moment it's just an intention, a concept, more than a real product, but Murakami hopes to produce these panels en masse in 2022, so maybe we'll see them implemented within not much.

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