Lastpass will no longer offer one of its most popular features in the free version

One of the features that LastPass offers for all accounts, regardless of whether they are part of a paid or free subscription, is the one that allows you to enjoy cross-platform access with the freedom to access from any device.

So you can, for example, have the LastPass app on your Android mobile and also use it from pc to its web version, without problems. However, this is about to change.

LastPass to apply changes to free accounts

As announced by the LastPass team, in the future users with free accounts will only have access to a single type of device. One detail to keep in mind is that this change does not mean that you have to choose a particular device (for example, your personal laptop) or an operating system, but a "device type or category".

That is, you'll have to choose to use LastPass from your computer or mobile, you can no longer switch between different types of devices at any time. So if you choose that you are going to use LastPass from your PC, then you will be able to log into your account from different computers, laptops, etc. And if you choose, mobile devices, then you can access them from your mobile, smartwatch, tablet. Etc.

The only requirement is that the type of device you choose is listed as "active" in your LastPass account. This change will begin to apply from March 16. So from that date on, the first login you make to your LastPass account will automatically mark as "active" the type of device you're currently using.

Of course, you can change this setting, but with a maximum of 3 changes. Once you set it, you can use LastPass on an unlimited number of devices that correspond to that "device type". And if you don't like this new dynamic, then you can choose to move on to the premium version of LastPass that still offers cross-platform access.

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