Microsoft creates a program to make games accessible to everyone

Microsoft is reinforcing its efforts to make Xbox and PC games accessible to all users.

To do this, it will launch a new program that will allow players with different disabilities to test the games and give their feedback to the Microsoft team.

New resources to create accessible games

While Microsoft already has several accessibility guidelines to help developers create accessible games, it wants to help them test so they know if the dynamics they propose achieve the goal.

a platform-provided game accessibility test program, the first in the industry, that can validate games using the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines. We need to make sure that we constantly improve and raise the level of inclusive games.

To do this, developers will have the ability to send their games to the Microsoft team so that they can evaluate them and prove that they meet accessibility guidelines. And as part of this dynamic, players with disabilities are added to the team to test their games, contribute ideas, and submit feedback.

The Future of Game Accessibility on Xbox - Xbox Wire

After this analysis, feedback is sent along with multimedia content and different additional information that will help developers improve their games. And of course, it will also include documentation and links to organizations, which can help them develop their games, taking into account users with different disabilities, and see how their games can present a challenge.

In this way, developers will have all the observations and information they need to create an inclusive design, with clear language that provides context and does not use technical terms, as well as take into account different aspects of the interface that improve the user experience.

This way, Microsoft wants to make sure that games that are released for pc and Xbox can be enjoyed by all users. 

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