Microsoft teams will prioritize certain users in video calls

Microsoft Teams is adding a small change in the way participants show in video conferencing.

We have already seen that it allows you to choose between different designs for the presentation of participants on the screen, depending on the purpose of the meeting. However, this new change will be applied automatically to improve video conferencing dynamics.

Microsoft Teams makes the most of the screen with this change

When we enter a video call it is normal for all participants to be displayed on the screen, regardless of whether they have the camera turned on or not. So you may encounter several empty squares or avatars among the participants who enabled the video.

While this doesn't create a major problem, it can be a distraction for someone who is giving a presentation, or it can even be an awkward time for the user who didn't enable the video. To fix this, the Microsoft team is making a small change.

Microsoft Teams will now prioritize users who have video enabled to appear in the middle of the screen. And the rest of the participants, with the camera off, will be at the bottom of the video. A dynamic that will still be implemented for the user who is speaking in video conferencing.

While it is a minor change, it allows us to have a more organized view, since it is normal to focus on those that we can see to know their expressions as we speak or to follow their dissertation more closely. So you won't see a mixed grid of avatars and on-camera users anymore.

So you take better advantage of the screen with users who prefer to follow the meeting on camera and remove from the scene those who opt only for audio. Of course, it is a dynamic that can be applied in meetings with more than 9 participants.

This update is already being deployed to Microsoft Teams for all users when they start a video call from the PC.

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