Motorola launches less than 17,584 indian rupee mobile with an impressive battery

One of the phone manufacturers that, while not attracting attention in the same way as other brands, maintains a strong presence still within this market is Motorola and is that this company has demonstrated over time that it does not take much to manufacture models that offer the user a good balance comes at quality and price.

It shows this has been the launch of its latest model, the Moto G30, a phone that preserves in its appearance the essence that the brand has established over the years embodied in that rear and its unmistakable logo.

It should be noted that this logo acts as a fingerprint reader, while on one side of it is the camera module, giving a domino tab appearance. This module can come in black (although this can look more like violet or dark garnet) and violet.

Moving to the front is the screen, framed by edges that have become thinner on both the sides and the top, leaving intact its renowned chin at the bottom.

Arranged at the top is its drop-shaped notch feature designed for the front camera. Next to this is a physical button specifically assigned to activate the Google Assistant.

As far as the screen is concerned, this is IPS type, with a size of 6.5 inches with HD+ resolution. While the definition is not the strongest quality of this screen it stands out for presenting a refresh rate of up to 90 hertz, which is not a very common aspect in mid-range phones.

Another of the most prominent features present in Motorola's G30 phone is its battery, which has 5000 mAh, as well as a 15W fast charge. This, according to Motorola, gives this model a battery life of up to 12 hours with only 20 minutes of charging.

Those in Spain interested in obtaining this phone must wait until the end of March when making their debut in the mobile market of this region, being available for a price of 179.99 euros in its version of 4GB of RAM.

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