Parler CEO fired for let his product disappear from the map

Having been one of the most popular controversies during Trump's departure, the Parler social network disappeared from the map. Google and Apple took care of removing it from their stores, and Amazon removed their hosting service, so there was little I could do.

Parler's CEO refused to delete hateful messages, including those that sought to organize some kind of civil war in America, and that has cost him the job.

That's right, Parler CEO and co-founder John Matze says he has been fired by his company's own board of directors, led by Rebekah Mercer (very conservative profile) according to a memorandum obtained by Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. Your LinkedIn page shows a January 2021 job end date.

Parler CEO John Matze says he’s been terminated by board: ‘I did not participate in this decision’ | Fox Business

After Amazon's final move, Parler tried to sue them, but a judge denied the lawsuit to have the accommodation on his website restored. On January 10, Matze told Fox News that all of the company's suppliers, and even their lawyers, had abandoned him. The House Oversight Committee even called for an FBI investigation into Parler's involvement in the Capitol attack.

He suggested that he was fired because of his "firm belief in freedom of expression" and his vision of the product, including "what I think is a more effective approach to content moderation."

The reason is clear if you're CEO and you let your product disappear completely, it's because there's something you haven't done right. On the other hand, there is content that was extracted from your network, violating the basic rules of privacy.

Parler currently has a website again thanks to the accommodation services of Epik, a company that also supports controversial websites such as Gab and 8chan, but the service at the moment is only a timeline of complaints about how the company has been treated unfairly.

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