Rubik's cube with Bluetooth to help us solve it

There are thousands of tutorials on the Internet that help solve a Rubik's cube, but it always takes patience and time, something that is increasingly difficult to find among the corridors of the pandemic.

The fact is that for many it remains a real mystery that there are people able to solve the cube in a few seconds. The world record is in less than 5 seconds... at that time I'm still looking like a stunner to colored faces.

Now the company GoCube has presented, under Rubik's brand, a new Rubik's cube connected by Bluetooth, with an app that will help us solve everything thanks to a guided tutorial. Rubik’s Connected - The Connected Electronic Rubik’s Cube That Allows You to Compete with Friends & Cubers Across The Globe. App-Enabled STEM Puzzle That Fits All Ages and Capabilities: Toys & Games

Rubik's connected cube costs $59, and can now be found only on Amazon in the United States. It promises to teach us how to set up the cube that we have messed up at home for years and offers a step-by-step method.

The only visible difference with a traditional cube is a cross-shaped hole on the yellow face. From there we will recharge the cube so that it can be connected via Bluetooth. A single charge will guarantee many attempts.

The Rubik's Cube app

When it comes to the app, it focuses primarily on competitive functions and fast resolution timers aimed at experienced cubers. It also has the learning section for the rest of us, delegated to the final tab.

The solution guide includes a detailed course that covers the terminology and movements used to come up with the first solution. It's a seven-step process (there are faster and more complicated ways to solve it) and we'll find some steps more complicated than others.

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