Skype prepares to blur the background and other features for android

The Microsoft team continues to develop new features to enhance The Dynamics of Skype.

While Microsoft Teams has become one of the star apps for teamwork and video calls, Skype is still maintained as one of the options for communicating with friends and family.

In an earlier article, we mentioned that Microsoft was reminding companies that still use Skype for Business Online to transition to Microsoft Teams by July 31. However, Skype for Personal Use is still in effect and with many new features on the way.

New features of Skype for Android

As the Microsoft team lets you see, they're preparing several features for the Skype app on iOS and Android. For example, the ability to blur backgrounds on video calls. One of the features that are already present in most popular video calling apps and one of the most used by users.

So those who still bet on Skype will be able to count this new option in one of the next versions on Android, to have a plus of privacy if they don't want the environment to be displayed on the video call. On the other hand, more reactions will also be added for you to integrate as responses in messages.

Release Notes for Skype 8.68 - Microsoft Community

And several reported bugs are also considered, such as sound issues in voice messages, and other errors that affect performance and harm the user experience. For now, these features are in beta and available to users who are part of the Insider program.

So we'll have to wait for this phase to pass for it to be released in one of the next stable versions of Skype. While this Microsoft proposal has a lot of competition with a much more comprehensive feature kit, it's still one of the oldest options to consider.

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