Some android users are already being able to access twitter spaces

We've been talking about Twitter Spaces for some time, one of the upcoming services that will come to Twitter and focused on voice conversations through specific rooms, something similar to what's also offered at Clubhouse, the trendy social network right now.

Both experiences are currently in beta and only for iOS device users. Now, it seems that the exclusivity for iOS will have the days counted in the case of Twitter since there are a few users of Android devices who have started to be able to access Twitter Spaces on their respective devices, although the operation is completely irregular, as they point out from Android Police.

Twitter Spaces now available for some Android users (

Twitter Spaces is already peeking out on Android

In this regard, an employee of the bluebird company has advanced it will be at any time next March when the early access program for Twitter Spaces also extends among users of Android devices, giving them the same possibilities that iOS device users have been enjoying so far, including the possibility to create their own voice chat rooms, among other functions.

They will most certainly be able to access a small group of Android users with the idea of covering more in time, as is usually customary in the company, but here it must be understood that Twitter is getting ahead of Clubhouse extending its voice chat rooms to users of a mobile operating system that has a much higher share of users worldwide, which gives way for new voices from anywhere in the world to be added that may have something interesting to tell and share.

Android | La plataforma que amplía los límites de lo posible

At the moment it is unknown what the deployment will be like by the Android platform, although you will have to have a little more patience so that Twitter Spaces can move forward, and even get to consolidate itself as the great alternative to Clubhouse.

While Clubhouse maintains its top priority in bringing its app for Android devices, Twitter's advancement and popularity in the social media segment can cause it to lose interest among users, so in the coming months, we'll see how both platforms are naive to dominate also in the segment of voice talks in rooms, a possibility that emerged in the middle of the pandemic as a new form of communication.

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