Plex, the well-known media management platform, which in recent times has encompassed a variety of additional entertainment options, now begins its journey in the world of video games with the trial launch of Plex Arcade, its new subscription service, created from Plex Labs and focused on the world of classic video games that marked the era of the 80s and 90s.

From the platform itself, they recognize that it had been considering launching such a service for years, albeit with the advent of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the consequent need for new entertainment options, since Plex they finally chose to turn it into a reality, which today sees the light officially.

Arcade | Plex

Plex for users who grew up with video games in the 1980s and 1990s

In this regard, since Plex they finally concluded that video games are a category of media that must also have its corresponding place within the application, turning its platform into complete entertainment.

For your arrival, Plex has counted on Parsec's collaboration to use its low-latency streaming technology, and Atari, to get a collection of classic titles at the outs, although the platform also allows users to upload their favorite ROMs and video game device emulators collections, complementing the initial offering.

Concerning prices, Plex notes that its new service costs 2.49 euros per month for those who already have Plex Pass or 4.99 euros per month for those who have not leaped Plex Pass, also allowing users to test the service for seven days without any commitment.


To make use of Plex Arcade, users will need to install a server application, available for Windows and Mac, staying out computers under Linux and NAS, allowing to play the selected titles on Android, Android TV, iOS, Apple TV mobiles, as well as through the Chrome web browser, being compatible with Bluetooth wireless drivers for video games.

All information is available in your FAQ section.

Plex Arcade Frequently Asked Questions | Plex Support

It is already a matter of users being encouraged to use the service, otherwise from Plex Labs they could get to withdraw it if it does not receive a minimum level of interest from them, indicating it in this peculiar way:

If there's interest and we see some submarines, it'll become the glorious pheasant we know it can be. But if you drop the ball, you'll die on the vine like a stomped-ass goomba.

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