The best and most curious appliances of Cecotec, the Spanish brand that sweeps Amazon

Cecotec has built an excellent reputation on home devices. We show you some of its most popular appliances and we also review the most curious ones.

In recent years, Cecotec appliances have gained great popularity, and to this day users consider them as one of the best quality-price options. The Spanish brand offers good quality devices with very tight prices, which has allowed it to face both the reference manufacturers in the market and the low-cost firms.

Cecotec was born in 1995 in Valencia as a company dedicated to the manufacture of appliances, but it has been in recent years when it has experienced methodical growth. The Conga vacuum robot is the product that allowed it to gain notoriety, and today it is a brand of appliances very well considered by users.

While the Conga line of vacuum robots is Ecotec's crown jewel, other household appliances are among the best sellers in their respective categories, such as Mambo series kitchen robots. Its products cover all areas of the home: aspiration, kitchen, ironing, personal care, air conditioning, fitness, rest, and even electric mobility.

If the products of this manufacturer arouse your curiosity, pay attention because in this article we will review the best and most curious appliances of Cecotec. First, we will review some of the best-selling and popular ones, and then we will show you more curious and less well-known ones. Notes!

Conga 7090 AI

Conga vacuum robots have become one of the main rivals of the iRobot Roomba. They stand out for their good value for money and there are countless models so that all users can find an alternative that fits perfectly to their needs and budget.

Since in this list we talk about the best cecotec appliances, we have selected the most advanced Conga that we can find right now in the catalog. This is the Conga 7090 AI, a premium vacuum robot with artificial intelligence, laser, built-in color camera, and 3D depth sensor.

Its 3Diana artificial intelligence can identify the different rooms of the home and the objects it finds in its path. It detects all kinds of everyday objects, such as shoes, socks, carpets, chair bases, or tables, and depending on what it is you will decide what to do.

Conga 7090 offers four functions: sweep, vacuum, pass the mow and scrub the floor simultaneously. Equip an engine with cyclonic technology with a suction power of 10,000 Pa and it has three scrubbing modes so you can choose the one that suits you best in each case.

Robot aspirador por 59€ en Amazon

Having a robot that cleans your home floor while you're at work or college is wonderful. The vacuum robot has become an essential element within any home, and in this guide, you will find everything you need to decide on buying your own.

Mambo 10090

We started our selection of Cecotec appliances with one of the most emblematic: the Mambo kitchen robot. In recent months, Cecotec's kitchen robots have become one of the most popular and demanded cheap alternatives to Thermomix, so on our list, you couldn't miss one of its models.

This time we have selected the Mambo 10090, the most advanced one that we can find right now in the brand's catalog. In front of the simplest models, it stands out for having a mobile app that offers a step-by-step guided kitchen with unlimited recipes, predefined modes, and a manual DIY system.

This cooking robot includes 30 functions, including chopping, assembling, sautéing, reheating, grinding, beating, mixing, emulsifying... Thanks to this, you will enjoy the features of 11 appliances in a single device.

The jug has a capacity of 3.3 liters, enough to make dishes for all your diners. It has a built-in scale to weigh ingredients comfortably, and you'll save time on your preparations because it can cook at four levels at the same time.

Turbo Cecofry 4D

Hot air fryers have become one of the most demanded household appliances by people who follow a healthy lifestyle, as they allow you to cook fat-free and get crispy food.

In the Cecotec catalog, you can find one of the best oil-free fryers on the market. It is Turbo Cecofry 4D, a dietary fryer that cooks fat-free foods thanks to its 4D cooking technology.

This appliance is very versatile and easy to use. It has eight pre-configured programs with which you can prepare various dishes. Apart from frying, it also allows you to sauté, toast, cook rice and even make homemade yogurt.

Another feature that differentiates the Turbo Cecofry 4D from other oil-free fryers is that it reaches a higher temperature, up to 240 oC. Also, you can save time when cooking because thanks to its grid you can make a dish at the top and another at the bottom.

Conga WinDroid 870 Connected

Up to this point, the appliances we have told you about are the most popular and highest-end in their category that we can find in the Cecotec catalog. However, apart from the best-known ones, in this list, we will show you the most curious devices of the brand.

It has intelligent navigation to calculate the optimal cleaning path and detect the limits of the window or surface you are cleaning. You can conveniently control it through the mobile app or its manual remote control.

Fun&Taste P'Den Classic

If you love popcorn and are a fan of vintage decoration, the Cecotec appliance we're going to talk to you about now is great for you. It's called Fun&Taste P'Corn Classic and it's a popcorn player that reproduces the look of old popcorn machines in movie theaters and fairs.

Cecotec's retro popcorn is composed of a transparent cabin that allows you to see the inside with a magnetic door to keep the popcorn in perfect condition.

It has a stainless steel pot with a capacity of 500 ml where you only have to add the corn and additional ingredients to enjoy sweet or salted popcorn in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to its agitator, the movement of corn kernels is homogeneous to achieve the best results. The popcorn is falling into the base container as they are ready and their removal is comfortable and simple.

TravelControl 5000 EcoPower

The next curious Cecotec appliance we have selected is a very economical and practical device that will be very useful to not take unpleasant surprises with your luggage.

We are talking about TravelControl 5000 EcoPower, a scale for suitcases that allows you to weigh your luggage in a matter of seconds and total comfort. It's very compact in size and runs without batteries or battery, so you don't have to worry about it running out of power at the right time.

How it work couldn't be easier. All you have to do is place the strap on the handle of your suitcase and lift it with the scale. Instantly, you can see on the screen the kilos or pounds that your luggage weighs. The measurement is shown with divisions of 10 grams and has a maximum capacity of 50 kilos.

Compact floor lift massage chair

Did you know that the Cecotec catalog has a section dedicated to the rest? Among them is the Compact floor lift massage chair, another of the most curious products that the brand has for sale.

This armchair has a lift function, massage, and lumbar heat so you can enjoy that moment of relaxation that you deserve at the end of the day. It is recommended to combat fatigue, activate blood circulation, relax muscles and relieve tensions.

It offers you five massage programs so you can choose the one you prefer, and has three levels of intensity so you can adjust it as you see fit. The massages are very complete thanks to their eight vibration motors, located in the area of the shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs.

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  1. This article does not reflect reality. The people affected by cecotec products are thousands. Check Facebook groups of affected people and the testimonials that flood the entire web. This brand just rebrands Chinese products with a very high failure rate, and their support (lack of) is causing lots of complains in consumer offices of the territory.
    Don't get fooled: verify the testimonials in social media and forums.
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