The best Valentine's Day gifts for your partner (and for you)

Valentine's Day is a special date to celebrate with your partner or your closest person. These ideas can be very useful if you need help with your next gift.

February 14th is Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year and the date is getting closer. It is the party where traditionally couples make more personal gifts and spend a special day. And because making a gift is getting harder, instead wants to help you with some gift ideas.

Cupid by, perhaps with these valentine's gift ideas on the target to have a detail with your partner or with that person who is more special to you. That's why you offer the ones that can be the best Valentine's Day gifts in 2021.

With these ideas for everyone and all the pockets, you can have detail, beyond the typical box of chocolates that you can't expect to open to eat your favorites.

Amazon Kindle ebook reader

If you want to make a gift of those that last many years for a person who likes to read, right now there is no better eBook reader like the Amazon Kindle that is available on the Amazon website for less than 90 euros.

It is the best-selling eBook reader in the world and this standard edition has a lighted screen to be able to read at night, as well as storage for hundreds of books.

With this edition, you can connect over WiFi to the Amazon online store, where you can buy e-books or register on Kindle Unlimited for 9.99 euros per month. You can access as many books as you want and download them at the moment and without limit.



This eBook reader is Amazon's most affordable. It weighs little and also now includes a highly demanded feature such as the backlit display.

Coffee maker Cecotec Cafelizzia 790 Shiny

If you want to make a gift to a very coffee maker, why not bet on an espresso machine to make the best coffees with the highest quality? This Cecotec Cafelizzia 790 Shiny coffee maker costs less than 90 euros in Cecotec's online store in Spain and has free shipping.

It has a power of 20 bars, a fast heating system, and a vaporizer to heat water or milk and create the best espressos and cappuccinos in the world.

It's also available on Amazon for 89.90 euros and shipping is free, although in this case if you're en suite on Amazon Prime you can have it with free and fast shipping.

Pair it with a Google-compatible smart plug or Alexa like this 13-euro Check-in and you can make an espresso coffee every morning with a voice command.

Smartwatch Huawei Watch Fit

Smartwatches are also a very popular Valentine's Day gift for tech buffs. And if you want to give away a very complete and very tight priced smartwatch, this Huawei Watch Fit is a great opportunity.

It features a 1.4-inch vertical display with a slimmer design and a battery that lasts longer days, up to 10 days with normal use. It also has GPS and a sports recognition system with a personal trainer for 12 routines.

It has sensors such as heart rate and blood oxygen level to maintain a basic level of information about how your heart works in day-to-day life. You can also dip it, swim with it, or change the straps to fit your style.

A cheap and world-renowned activity bracelet is Xiaomi Mi Band 5, a basic activity bracelet that meets most needs and only costs 29 euros with shipping from Spain and delivery in 3 days. You can read our Xiaomi mi band 5 analysis that we published at its launch.

Watch Fit

Watch Fit

Huawei sports smartwatch with GPS, heart rate monitor and SpO2 monitor. It features 11 professional sports modes and 85 custom modes to deliver accurate metrics across all your sports activities.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Display Speaker

If you want to give a gift to your partner very technological and that can even be used as a couple, this Amazon Echo Show is the perfect smart speaker because it has a 5-inch screen to watch information or videos and also has a camera to make video calls.

This smart speaker with a screen costs 55 euros as it is discounted, so this is the perfect time to buy one from your partner and one for your home so that you can send voice messages without having to touch your mobile or make video calls.

In addition to calls and video calls, you can also use Alexa to display all kinds of information, such as weather status, roads, latest news, or even play videos and series from Prime Video.

It has full integration with Connected Amazon and Alexa-compatible products such as light bulbs, other speakers, plugs, and any compatible home automation products.

Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

The photos you can take with your mobile can last a lifetime, or a few seconds if you delete them. Besides, we do so many that those personal photos you like end up forgotten under a ton of new photos. That's why digital instant cameras like this Instax Mini 11 have become as popular.

This camera is compact and can print photos you take at the moment, such as the old Polaroid on 4 x 6 centimeters paper. 

Annual Disney+ subscription

And why not a digital gift? One of the best features that Disney+ has is that you can start watching a movie, series, or documentary with your friends or with your partner, to watch it at the same time.

It's one of the best features the pandemic has brought to the world of streaming apps and right now the Disney+ subscription has a downgrade.

Disney Plus

Join Disney and save $20

Disney+ is about to raise its price, which on February 23 will be 89.99 euros. If you're discharged now, you'll pay only 6.99 euros a month.

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