The new WhatsApp update will bring news in sending videos

Sending photos and videos over WhatsApp is most normal in our day-to-day life, but unlike Instagram, on WhatsApp, we can't mute the videos, but we have to send them as is or re-record them.

Many times we are talking about a specific topic with our friend or co-worker and suddenly we want to show it to you on video, so we open the camera from the WhatsApp app and record.

What's the matter? That once we are going to send it, in the WhatsApp video editor, we can only crop, add text, filters, and put stickers, but no trace of audio options.

However, on Instagram, WhatsApp companion under the Facebook umbrella, it does allow you to remove the sound in clips recorded from the Instagram app, recorded from the mobile camera app, and even remove the sound to the downloaded videos.

Now all this is about to change since WABetaInfo has reported that the next WhatsApp update for Android will include the function of muting the videos we send.

What's more, it's likely that if we haven't already received that feature, we'll receive it in the next few days as an update. We just have to go to the app store and see if WhatsApp has any pending updates.

By the way, we update everything, which is always advisable to have all the applications and games updated to the latest version.

The novelty appears just below the video clip strip:

For those who have WhatsApp Beta for Android, they can update to to get this feature to mute videos before sharing with our contacts.

This news comes right after the release of the beta explaining that WhatsApp would bring new animated stickers and in turn, it would include a new badge when we are mentioned in the group.

Both beta versions of WhatsApp for Android match, only the news has gone separately. So we only have to update to the latest version of the WhatsApp beta for Android.

This news and all that is yet to come will do so in the coming weeks in the form of an official update, what is not known is when the function of muting videos will arrive in WhatsApp for iPhone.

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