This is Xiaomi's new concept mobile: with more screen and no physical buttons or holes

Xiaomi wants to continue to imagine how it could become the smartphone of the future about current mobile designs, which they understand and regard as classic designs.

In this regard, the company has just introduced a concept of mobile phone, whose screen expands to the frames of the device, almost replacing them completely, and also avoiding the existence of physical buttons and holes, something that will already sound to us from another conceptual mobile: the Meizu Zero.

A possible preview of what we might see in the future

Xiaomi also shows its four-curve waterfall display concept with which its engineers tried to make the mobile as simple as possible, giving it a futuristic unibody design, which they see as the path that will be followed in the smartphones of the future.

On the challenges for the development of the curved screen, they point to the production limits of the glass next to the process of joining a flexible screen by a process called 3D bonding, indicating concerning the manufacture of the glass part:

Compared to ordinary curved glass, the difficulty of hot bending increases exponentially. Polishing a piece of hyper-curved glass with a deep bend of 88 degrees on all four sides requires self-developing glass processing equipment, hot-bent at 800oC high temperature and pressure, four different polishing tools, and up to ten complex polishing procedures

And about its integration into a flexible display:

To attach an 88oC four-curve glass part to a flexible display, an innovative screen stacking design was adopted through our innovative 3D bonding process. All this ensures perfect and flawless screen performance.

Xiaomi does not believe that users will miss buttons and holes, as they will have more elegant replicas, alluding to 46 patented technologies, including:

ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramic, industry-leading flexible film display acoustic technology, third-generation under-screen cameras, wireless charging, eSIM chips, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and more

At the moment, however, it will be futuristic mobile, there are no guarantees that we can see such mobile in the short term.

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