TikTok brings news to fight tricky videos and we'll also have an app for Android TV

The most downloaded social network of 2020 now brings a novelty, well, actually, it's two, that is going to save us from ourselves. On the one hand, TikTok will start warning of videos containing false information, and on the other hand, TikTok arrives on Android TV.

From TikTok, they comment that their community is very creative, and it is true, but sometimes disbelief is abused to sneak false remedies and tricks that are apparently amazing, but then we put them into practice, and they do not work.

So, TikTok is looking to release some prompts and warnings that alert users that that content could be fake. TikTok says he takes responsibility for helping to fight fake and misleading content.

From the social network, they indicate that it will remove everything they identify as false information using verifiers like PolitiFact, Lead Stories, and SciVerify. They say that sometimes the results are inconclusive, so they have decided to go a step further and will start notifying users.

Those notifications will reach both the video creator and the users we want to share the content with. TikTok's tests have reduced video-sharing actions by up to 24% to see that they could be misleading information.

Another novelty of TikTok is that if you enjoy its contents, now you can have it on Android TV. For those who don't know it is a very Google Chromecast-style platform, Amazon Fire Stick and the like.

The TikTok app on Android TV has arrived with flaws because depending on the region in which you want to install, it will leave or not. If we want to try, we just have to go to the app store within Android TV, that is, Google Play Store, and download TikTok.

In fact, Android TV has received an update that closely resembles Google TV. The new interface updates the look of Android TV giving it a more minimalist look where great icons and excess information are removed.

Now we have 3 main tabs, one section dedicated to applications and another to discover with personalized recommendations. This update will arrive on Android TV in the coming weeks.

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