Transform words into video, the new artificial intelligence

Imagine the scene of a poet reciting poetry and a computer creating a video at the same time with scenes of what words are deciphering.

That's what a new artificial intelligence system has achieved, and the result is surprising.

The audio-to-text transformation has been a reality for many years, but in this case, it's a reverse process of interpreting content, not just transcription.

They have posted a video created by computer artist and animator Glenn Marshall, who uses AI to narrate and create visualizations for poems. The video in question is based on the poem 'In the Bleak Midwinter', written by 19th-century English writer Christina Rossetti.

As you can see, they are not very sophisticated animations, they look like exits from a dream, showing scenes reminiscent of the verses, but generating a feeling very different from that which would occur by listening only to the audio.

Story2Hallucination library has been used to create it, and for storytelling, the video uses the vo. code tool, which borrows Christopher Lee's voice.

It's just one example of what can be done using this technology. This same year OpenAI revealed a new library called DALL-E that turns words and phrases into images, so we are one step away so that we can create music videos automatically or new sensations on Youtube based on book narrations or even news.

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