Youtube offers a new experience for sports fans

Google has made several changes on YouTube to provide a more personalized experience for users who like sports.

To do this, you have created a new dedicated page with a series of functions so that you do not lose any news or review the best moments of your favorite teams, events, or sports.

YouTube launches new destination for sports fans and expands its YouTube Select CTV offering (

YouTube has a new page for sports

While you only have to use the YouTube search engine to find any video about your team, last tournaments of your favorite sports, or remember great moments, you can use this link to find all the content in one place.

This YouTube page dedicated to sports shows you the best moments of the latest international matches or tournaments, news from teams and players, internationally featured news, and local trends. At the top, you'll see a banner showing a carousel of featured news related to the world of sports. And of course, a section dedicated to life.

So you can go through all the sections in search of the content you like, or subscribe to "Sports" so you don't miss any of the videos that are selected to give them priority on this page. And of course, every video you find in these sections has the options you already know, so you can add them to your playlist, save them for later viewing, add them to the queue, share them, etc.

As the Google team mentions, the idea is for users to have a more immersive experience. And of course, markets like the US have been able to do so. The U.S. will have exclusive content. This new experience proposed by YouTube for sports fans is designed to be enjoyed from the web version from the computer, but they hope to extend it to TV screens in the future.

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