Air conditioning was invented 100 years ago, and now it's obvious that it's not the best way to cool an environment, as it's nothing environmentally friendly.

It's time to change technology, to find new options that allow us not to heat the planet while we cool our homes, and for this, the Global Cooling Prize was born.

This is a contest that will hand out $3 million, with $1 million for the winner. There are already several finalists who aim to offer a solution for the huge increase of such devices that we see in developing countries, where demand is expected to triple in a few years.


The Global Cooling Prize will announce its winner next month, and there is one of the participants who is attracting a lot of attention. This is Transaero, a startup that is using a class of advanced materials to create an air conditioner with greater energy efficiency.

This MIT article explains this in detail. They use a class of highly porous materials called organic metal frames, or MOF, that passively extract moisture from the air while the machine is running. Currently, the process of removing moisture from the air consumes about half of the electricity used by traditional air conditioners, and that is where they plan to optimize the process.

MOOs open up many possibilities for all kinds of revolutionary devices, not only in air conditioning, but also in water collection, energy storage, and superconductors, so we seem to hear a lot about this type of material in the future.

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