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There is no doubt that from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic video calling programs experienced a sudden boom when used by millions of people who required keeping in touch with their loved ones and fulfilling their work commitments from a distance during this situation.

One of them was Zoom who progressively became one of the preferred video conferencing tools, both individuals and companies.

And while Zoom remains a great option for video conferencing, the truth is that other programs within this sector have robust functions to make your communications through this medium an optimal and effective experience. Discover the 5 private zoom alternatives that you can take advantage of to make your video calls.

1. Skype

If you are a user of the Windows operating system and have a Microsoft account then Skype will represent an excellent video conferencing tool that you can use as a private alternative to Zoom.

One advantage of Skype is that you won't need to install anything, as it is built-in by default in Windows. All you have to do is log in and activate the video conference in which you can have the possibility to incorporate up to 100 people simultaneously.

When talking about Skype security, all communications generated within this platform are armed by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is recognized for being used by the United States government in its confidential communications.

zoom meeting join

2. Google Meet

Simple and easy to use, this is Google Meet, a free video-conferencing tool in which up to 100 people can participate in a single session and to which they can log in with only one Google account.

Plus, with Google Meet, users can make free calls with a 60-minute time limit. Likewise, the person who serves as a host during the videoconference may have the authority to deny the entry of a user during the session, as well as to remove it from it if they wish.

Google Meet also has options to perform two-step verification to enhance security in communications generated within the platform. Also, there is the Advanced Protection Program in which Google Meet offers users measures that allow them to protect themselves against phishing attacks, as well as prevent their accounts from being intercepted.

3. Jitsi Meet

As a private alternative to Zoom is presented Jitsi Meet, free open-source software with which you can make your video conferences obtaining the best quality in audio and video.

Among the most note that Jitsi Meet offers you is the possibility as an administrator to view the network status of the people you are talking to, as well as eject a user during the session or assign a password to it to protect it.

It should be noted that all communications made in Jitsi Meet are based on jump-by-hop encryption technology, which causes the video call to be subjected to an encryption process.

Subsequently, that video call is decrypted by the server to be re-encrypted and forwarded to each of the participants in the session.

Also, Jitsi Meet offers you the opportunity to allow up to 50 people in a single session, which can be effective if you have a small team, being able to also have the possibility to host it on your server and adjust it to your demands.

zoom meeting join

4. Jami

If you are looking for a private alternative to Zoom that offers you a high level of security during your video conferences then Jami is the ideal choice. In contrast to Zoom, Jami makes use of the P2P(peer to peer) network to ensure total privacy during your communications.

This also gives Jami the ability to relay data without requiring a server. Also, with Jami, you can have the possibility to make 4K video calls, as well as send instant messages, share screens, and files.

Jami is recognized as a cross-platform video conferencing program, making it the right tool for users and businesses that require a solution that makes their communications possible no matter what operating system from which it runs and under a secure virtual environment.

5. Discord

Equipped with a lot of functions, Discord is another of the recommended zoom alternatives for video conferencing. Despite being widely used by players, discord has progressively become a tool used in the professional and business sphere, thanks to the functions it offers.

In addition to making discord video conferencing allows you to transmit your screen, also having options to adjust the quality of your transmission, as well as bots that you can add to it to help you generate the texts.

Through the Discord Screen Share feature, you can have the opportunity to share a screen with the rest of the participants in the session.

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