A text editor for google meet and zoom

When we do video conferencing with Google Meet and Zoom we usually write notes, take notes of what is being said, something that the platform does not offer natively.

That doesn't mean there are no projects designed to help with the subject, and today we'll talk about a very interesting one: Bluu.

What Blue wants is to prevent us from having to share a screen with Google Docs, they have created a solution that includes functions more friendly. Blue joins our meetings as an additional participant as if he were a meeting assistant helping the team, and as a meeting member helps:

– Agendas: to have scheduled meetings up to date with topics and timers.

– Notes: to document what is said at the meeting.

It's a collaborative model, anyone in the meeting can use it.

It's very simple to use and doesn't require everyone to use it. The content written there is private and secure does not record anything or transform it into text and has a Token to ensure that only meeting users can read and write.

It currently works with:

– Google Meets full functionality with Chrome extension for the best experience.

– Zoom (alpha mode): Requires administration from the web application. The Zoom app

will be available soon – Microsoft Teams: coming soon.

You can try it getbluu.com. The free version allows 20 meetings per month with a maximum duration of 60 minutes each.

Bluu | Meeting best practices, autometed. (getbluu.com)

Once installed, you'll see a black window at the top when you log in. Everything you write on it will appear on the screen shared with other members, as if you were another member, helping to centralize and share the information.

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