Chrome launches new profile selection experience

While Chrome, Google's popular web browser, has been allowing users to switch between existing profiles, add new ones, or enter guest mode on desktops for quite some time, a new experience now arrives that makes it easier to select profiles based on each moment.

Google understands that there are situations where users can share their computers with other users, such as a home-wide computer, or that even if they don't share it, there are also those who want to maintain a separation between their workspace and their personal space.

Facilitating selection on any device and situation

In this sense, Google Chrome will make it easier for you to select from the available profiles, create a new one or log in as a guest, in each browser restart from your new experience, bringing each user their own space, or their different spaces if they have several, with their corresponding customization, including themes and background images set in them, as well as history, passwords, and more, since taking advantage of this release, Google is extending the Chrome Reading List feature to its Android apps and desktops.

Navegador web Google Chrome

Available so far exclusively for iOS, the Reading List is a function similar to services such as Pocket, where users can save the links of interest for later access, a portfolio of links where they can save all those that cannot be served today, to have them at hand at better times where the contents they host can be quietly accessed.

About the spaces created, all those new profiles that are created, activating the synchronization function, will allow users to access them, with all the customizations and elements set, on each computer other than the one they access with Chrome, making the spaces travel and reach where the users are at all times.

The new profile selection experience begins to be implemented starting today to reach all users over the next few weeks, as the company points out in today's announcement.

This way, you no longer need to switch between profiles by accessing from the main profile and selecting another profile through the pop-up menu that will appear after pressing the profile icon.

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